Help someone find their "PLACE" at the barre image

Help someone find their "PLACE" at the barre

Neglia means a lot to our community, keep us moving today!

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Can you think of a place where you feel like FAMILY? A place where everyone CARES about you and helps you GROW? A place where you are so CONFIDENT in yourself that you can’t help but to feel JOYFUL?

Neglia Ballet is this place.

Since 1994, Neglia Ballet has become well known for world-class ballet performances and training. What we didn’t realize is that we have become known for a great deal more.

Several weeks ago we asked our community to tell us in as little as one word what Neglia Ballet means to them. The responses were heartfelt, honest and inspiring. Hearing so many different voices unified by one common place, our place, made us realize we are more than just ballet.

The words people chose to describe Neglia Ballet brings us great pride. We are grateful to know our love, passion and dedication to ballet and our community is felt so deeply.

Last year we asked for your help to keep our doors wide open so we could keep dancing, and return to the stage in the brighter days ahead. Well, we did it! Today, we are safely holding in-person classes, The Nutcracker returns this November, and we are looking forward to reaching out to our community partners!

YOU can be a part of the Neglia Ballet Family!

YOU can be a part of the LOVE Neglia brings to our communities!

As we MOVE through another unique year, we ask for your support.

Donate today and YOU can keep us moving AND help someone find their “place” at the barre!

Why wait? You can be the inspiration to keep dancing!